Why is there a layout tab at the page level if I cannot use it?

I am never able to add widgets on the layout tab at the page level. I always have to go into the template level to add gadgets. Is there a way to fix this or am I doing something wrong?

Hi John,

What the layout Tab is used for on the page level is to add widgets. You can add widgets to a single page ONLY to empty regions.

It is a common practice that customers leave empty regions on their templates to have the options to add widgets from the page level.

Good to know Armani. Thank you. That has been frustrating me for some time. I will add in empty regions to all my templates, if I can figure that out. lol.

Is there any plan to be able to add widgets to existing regions? What if I need to add it between 2 widgets? Would I have to add a region between the widgets? I wouldn’t be able to add a region between 2 widgets if they are in the same region right? That sounds like it would take more time than just going into the template.


I do not believe that is a feature that has been planned to be introduced into our product. Post this as an Idea here on the community. Our VP of Products views all Ideas submitted by customers on this forum.

Armani, thank you for adding those extra unused regions to our new templates. I will finally be able to use the layout tab at the page level.

When I started using Percussion CM1 and doing the design setup, I named these “wildcard regions”.

Many of the Programmer types asked me to carve out these wildcard regions for later use. They do a good job of switching and swapping them out at will.

Do you actually label them “wildcard regions” or do you just refer to them as such? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the labeling and best usage scenarios.

Sorry yes I refer to them as wildcards. When I began training users, they did not really relate to the label “blank regions” - so I used the term “wildcard” and it clicked and stayed with them.

Same with the Resubmit button, the way I use it in the workflow it merely checks them back in when they were in Quick Edit so I call Quick Edit > “checking the item out” and Resubmit > “checking the item back in”.When I didn’t, they seemed to have trouble remembering and took Resubmit as Submit.