Widget Builder reserved field name issue

If I had known about Widget Builder reserved field name, then I wouldn’t have conflict issues to begin with. Since most of my widgets are already implemented site-wide, I still have issue when editing the widget builder…

@Percussion - No offense but could’ve been a better approach such as: wb_name, wb_names, etc. instead of generic name, names, etc. for us to use

This is a better approach…


Unfortunately we did not include an installer step to correct existing widgets after upgrade.  We’ve logged an improvement for this (CMS-1935)  If you create a ticket with Support they can help you to clean up your existing Widgets. 


My request is #17736. I have not heard yet but I hope to get this resolved soon.

Hi Aaron,

I messaged you on the ticket and I’ll be meeting with your colleague today as well to move forward on this.

Chris W