Will not let me publish or revision a page

I keep giving an error on a page that will not let me publish a page … “The revision ‘3’ does not specify the current revision for the item with content id ‘9,009’ but the user ‘mrobinson’ does not have the item checked out.” Then when i tried to do revisions i got this error “An unexpected error occurred while restoring the prior revision, see log for details.” …how can i get this page to publish again

Hi Mallorie,

What you can do is navigate to the page in CM1 with the issue.  From here, bring the page to edit mode and bring all local content to edit mode.  At some point, one of the widgets you have on the page you are trying to edit will ask you if you’d like to override the content.  Click yes and do so for all remaining local content on the page.  Once you’ve gone through those steps, you should be able to approve/publish the page again.

Let us know if this helps or if you have more questions.

Chris W

it worked! Thanks!