Workflow State not updating in Content Explorer


We have a problem with the workflow state column not updating in Content Explorer in Rx 5.71. This is making the system next to unusable for our authors, as on toip of not visibly reflecting the state of the content, they get stale revision warnings.

I’ve done some investigations and found the following:

1). The problem occurs in all folders, including the site root, even if you give admin folder access to the user.

2). The column always updates proerly in the “Recent” view, even when it doesn’t in the folders.

2). The column gets updated properly for users with the Admin role (and, strangely, another of our roles (named “SS”, which doesn’t have admin rights, but did once). I can “fix” and “break” the functionality for any user be giving and removing the admin or “SS” role.

2). I’ve eliminated it being anything to do with folders, as I’ve tested in the site root folder and given the test user admin folder access to no avail.

  1. I’ve eliminated it being anything to do with workflow or Communities, as it always updates properly in the “Recent” view.

4). Flushing the folder cache has no effect.

5). It is a problem on all JRE versions I’ve tested. - from 1.5 up to 6.03.

Please help - This is driving me nuts!

Many thanks in advance.