"You haven't finished your page yet. Do you want to leave without finishing?"

Jan Doe (contributor) finished creating a page with contents.
Jan Doe closed the browser by clicking “X” instead of submitting or closing it (which is fine).

John Doe opened the page and tried to click “Edit”.
John Doe see error message “This page is currently edited by Jan Doe. Select Override to edit this page anyway”.

This pose a problem. John Doe isn’t sure if Jan Doe still editing the page, no way of finding out.

So instead of that, how about Jan Doe received an warning dialog after clicking “X” on the browser? 

This screenshot is from Facebook. When I typed something in the new status message but decided to close the browser instead of posting it, this is how I got the warning dialog.

This might be a best approach since we have received many calls asking us to override someone’s pages.

That would be really nice.


Any progress on this, Courtney? :slight_smile:

No one?