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Please see screenshot attached.

/web_resources/cm/common/js/PercGlobalVariables.js should be minified. 

The other two inline and

<script type="text/javascript">

  (function() {

  jQuery.getDeliveryServiceBase = function(){ return '<a href="http://www.sfcollege.edu';}" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Link http//wwwsfcollegeedu">http://www.sfcollege.edu';}</a>;

  jQuery.getCm1License = function(){ return '2013CM1-52f2-abe2-809b-7868';};

  jQuery.getCm1Version = function(){ return '5.2.1';};

  })(); </script>

This inline script above - I would hide the CM1 version number for security reason. We should follow WordPress’s: By default WordPress leaves it’s footprints on your site for the sake of tracking. That is how we know that WordPress is the World’s largest Blogging platform. But sometimes this footprint might be a security leak on your site if you are not running the most updated version of WordPress. Because you are providing the hacker with the useful information by telling them which version you are running.

Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

I hope I make sense on this…

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your comments. We do have a ‘new feature’ marked for improving the CSS/JavaScript references in the content in our backlog and are aware that some changes need to be made in this area.

Do you know if you are using global variables in the CMS?


Awesome! Can’t wait…

No we haven’t used global variables. If we do, it’s probably not used.

Actually - do you have an example of what “new feature” looks like for improving css/js?

Any progress on this for the new update?

Have anyone tried this? https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com