3.2 and Chrome locking up

Why are 3.2 and Chrome not playing nice? Sometimes after hitting save, the finder will disappear, or the icons top right will be gone or even better, random letters will not appear in the page I’m working on. I’m constantly hitting the refresh button. Sometimes I have to close the tab because the log out link won’t work. Sometime I resort to restarting Percussion on the server. Firefox slows down occasionally, but doesn’t completely lock up. And, I don’t use IE unless I absolutely have to.
It’s not affecting the website.

Hi Lloyd,

Interesting, I haven’t seen any issues like this with Chrome and 3.2. Can you confirm you are running the latest version of Chrome (if you don’t have automatic updates enabled)? Version 29 is the latest, I believe. Also, do you have any plugins enabled on Chrome that might be affecting behavior / performance? Lastly, are you seeing these problems only on one PC, or have you seen this on other machines running Chrome? (I’m not necessarily saying it’s you and not us, just ruling out some variables!)

Hi Nathaniel,

My Chrome is on Version 30. Excuse me while I vent for a minute. There’s a thread on Google forums complaining about this version with over 1000 posts and not a single response from Google on how to uninstall the latest update. Thanks for listening, but others might be interested.
When I get to another machine to try, I’ll let you know if it’s me (or you).



Well, at least you’re on the latest version. I’ve upgraded too and haven’t had any issues with Percussion so far. Let me know what your results are when trying this on another machine.


I never got to another machine to try. But, CM1 has been moved to another server and I have had no issues since on any browser. We knew the old server had issues and apparently the issue at hand was also connected.

On to the next.

Sounds good to me! Thanks for tying off the loop here.