6.6 and its backward compatibility of 5.x style content lists

In 6.6 the content list editing interface no longer has a ‘URL’ field in it. If you upgrade from 5.x (where content lists had URL’s pointing to XML applications) is this functionality still supported?

There’s certainly no interface (as I understand) in 6.6 to create content lists ‘the old way’ but I wondered if its now a requirement to move to JCR content list queries when upgrading. I didn’t see anything to this effect in the documentation (please correct me if I looked in the wrong place).

Thanks in advance.


Yes, Version 5.x-style Content Lists are still supported in Version 6.6, and the legacy Content List editor is still available. If you are editing an existing legacy Content List, the system should display it in the Legacy Content List editor. Wherever you have a list of Content Lists, one of the options in the Action menu is Create Legacy Content List, so you can create new legacy Contents List as well.

See the topic “Legacy Content List Editor” in the Help for the Publishing Design tab.