6.6 new features in bullet form

IMPORTANT: All existing customers should adopt the 6.6.1 release which includes patches and other specific changes relevant for upgrading existing CM (Rhythmyx) Servers. Always contact technical support about the specific 6.6 release and/or patches your system will need before upgrading.

Edit: We’ll post an update when 6.6.1 is available.

Publishing enhancements
Multi-threaded for better scaling, CPU utilization
[INDENT]Note: The publishing model in 6.6 is sequential publishing. It doesn’t perform parallel publishing multiple Editions from different Sites.

More transactional
Assembles all pages first, then copies them all at once to site

SFTP publishing now “out-of-the-box”, PSO offering in 6.5.2

Database publishing: new template wizards, preview

“Publish now:” status, cancel, priority settings - applies to all editions, but critical to those using the “publish now” approaches. (Publish Now is a action menu option in which a business user not only makes an item public via workflow, but actually triggers an Edition to run to publish the selected item out of the CM Server to some destination site. The edition uses a special contentlist that takes the content id from the user action, rather than the typical incremental query of all changed/public items.)

Un-publish integrated to every edition (if desired), no need for unpublish editions, although still supported The integrated unpublishing can unpublish items that were hard to do in previous versions, such as purged items, items moved to a different folder, as well as items transitioned into archive state.

Edition Tasks
Trigger external applications and system commands (e.g. rsync)
Stop or continue on failure
Full API (e.g. conditionally chain Editions via custom Task logic)
Logs consolidated into one place, sorted by most recent!
Automatic log purge

Publisher Component integrated - the component known as the “publisher” now runs as an integrated part of the CM Server (aka Rhythmyx Server), including Publishing Hub Servers. The new architecture for publishing eliminates the need or option to install this component remotely. (Publishing Hubs are still supported and useful for all the same reasons as before).

FTP (and SFTP) performance has been significantly improved, removing the primary need for stand-alone publishers.[/INDENT]

Enhanced business user interface

Link Back - enables a bookmarklet to link users from any published pages (if desired) directly to the Active Assembly UI for that corresponding item (based on item metadata optionally included in pages)
More complete, enable users to “live in” Active Assembly
Copy existing page
Create New page with “page template” preview
Users need not use Content Explorer or Action Panel
Simplified Active Assembly UI
Mouse over driven rather that “decorated” – but fully decorated option still available
Optionally show placeholders for empty fields/slots
Launch other CMS actions:
[INDENT]Create Translation
Publish Now
Create Promotable Version
Impact Analysis
Link to page
Adds new slot actions
“Replace” and multi-select delete items in slot
New snippet – create a snippet directly in the slot
Icons for content types – also file specific icons for the File content type
Notification Emails contain URLs that open Active Assembly pages
Insert snippets into slots at specified location [/INDENT]

New search engine

Replaced Convera RetrievalWare for embedded FT Search with Lucene
(Convera was sold to Fast, sold to Microsoft, being end-of-lifed )

[INDENT]High-performance open source search engine written in Java
Simpler, far more robust, scales well
Similar feature set and Search UI as 6.5.2
Runs in the same JRE as CM Server, more memory efficient, fewer processes, fewer configuration problems

Supported file formats for indexing binary files:
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Power Point

SEARCH Languages supported OOB:
(Chinese, Japanese, Korean - not “out of box”)

Extensible for other analyzers and text extractors[/INDENT]


Allow for use of community roles in workflow state assignments to automatically filter membership based on the item’s community