6.7 Content Browse - Sites Folder

We have over 100 sites because we pubilsh to different locations. In 6.7 when relating content in AA with the new Content Browser displays all these sites on the Sites Tab. Can this list be customized to not show everything? The “Fiter by Name” sort of works if we named the production sites consistently but the users have to put that value in.


There is no way to ‘pre-filter’ that list to limit what all users see.

How about some sort of caching? We have a couple of folders that have over 600 items. Using the Folder browsing mechanism, it take a couple of minutes or so to load those items…each time…with no visible speed up. Searching is a lot faster, so kudos on that, but the wait for the browser (this is the content browser to add inline template or add items to slot) to come up (especially if that was the last folder you were working on…not that you can change that, you just have to wait for that folder to load before switching to another) is a pain…