6.7 Mulitple site publishing

In Rhythmyx 6.7 the documentation that I have read about publishing indicates that only one edition will be published at any given time although if an edition with a higher priority is started then that edition will get published afterwhich the previous edition will be restarted. Does that apply with mulitple sites i.e. If an edition in site A is started and an edition in site B is started and they both have the same priority will both editions be published concurrently or would the site B edition have to wait until the site A edition completed?


Hi Jason,

I can’t specifically answer your question, but when we publish sites at the same time generally it will only publish out one at a time. This seems to have to do with how Rhythmyx builds each page. However every once and awhile I have noticed that we have a few sites that seem to be publishing their content out at the same time. This may just have to do with priorities or just a fluke, but two sites have definitely had their items ‘committing’ at the same time.