6.7 not deleting folders on web server?

Previous versions of Rhythmyx, there was always the issue that it wouldn’t delete empty folders from the web server during unpublishing of items. From my understanding and from other threads I’ve read here 6.7 was supposed to have fixed that. BUT I’m still seeing empty folders being left. Is there something I’m missing, some configuration that I needed to do? Anyone?


On a related note, you’ll also find that if you rename a folder, the old folder will remain in the published location. We’re working on a post-edition task to clean up these kinds of items.

As it turns out, the statement that empty Folders are removed as of Version 6.7 is incorrect. My understanding that we were doing that was the result of a miscommunication between me and the developer regarding a different feature (unpublishing Content Items that are moved to a different Folder).

Just to state it clearly, even in Version 6.7, CM System, unpublishing does not remove empty directories from the publishing location on the web server.

My apologies for the confusion.