6.7 unpublish not removing purged items

In testing unpublish in 6.7, we’re still seeing purged items not being removed from the file system. This is in the case of taking the item directly from public state to purge, without running an edition at the archive state. One mystery is the fact that the logs report success in removing the item, but it still remains in the file system.

You say that the logs report success in removing the item. What do the logs say? I’m guessing (having not tried this myself) that once you’ve purged the item the only possible record of the item having ever existed would be in the publishing log tables, so I guess its looking at them.

Are you using the build-in unpublish or previous/old version of unpublish?

Please contact Percussion Technical Support if you can reproduce the unpublish issue with the build-in (out of the box) unpublishing feature in 6.7.

Make sure you have the latest patch of 6.7, and check the server.log, see if there is any failures when the program is trying to remove the items from the file-system.

Okay - this issue is straightened out. Had to do with an incorrect ‘Published Path’ in the Publishing Design setup. What worked for a path in 6.5.2 is now a little different in 6.7. :smiley: