6.x Workbench -> Content Design suggestions

[li]Please stop forcing changes to our database when we make changes to a content editor. With 6.5.2 all tables and fields are renamed using UPPERCASE whenever changes are made, our standard is to use CamelBack and it would be nice if we didn’t have to go back and rename everything each time we make a change.
[/li][li]Allow for a way to disable the automatic creation of backup copies of tables when changes are made to one of the fields in the content editor. We have a few tables that are very large and we really don’t want 2 copies of those tables
[/li][li]Make the local fields made available via a dropdownlist like they used to be in the 5.x version.
[/li][li]Make the ability to work on database tables a separate function from the content editor functions. It really doesn’t make sense to have these as a single function as it is in 6.5.2.
The way these things are handled are all new in 6.x and is a HUGE step backwards from the way they were handled in 5.x. Having said that, with the exception of the items listed above I do think the 6.x Workbench (Eclipse) is a major improvement from what we had before with 5.x. Having said that, these items are major negatives to what would otherwise be a very pleasant upgrade for us.

We have also had issues with the uppercase problem.

Agreed on the backup front. In general most professional environments would handle their own backups and would definately make a backup before doing any major upgrade. It is not as though you can just clikc a button and roll back anyway?!

Don’t really understand your last two points, perhaps these are 5.x specific?

In general I would call for some major improvements to the database. It is like something I would have put together 10 years ago, not now, when we have sophisticated database tools and environments. Please think about using sequences/auto numbers and constraints!