7.2: Increased Publishing Times

Just FYI (and confirmed via TS), publishing takes longer on 7.2. They (Percussion) have a developer working on it. I am just posting this here as it would have saved me a couple days of troubleshooting had I realized that this was a “known” issue. I had initially believed that publishing was supposed to be “improved” in 7.2 so figured that it must have been a configuration on our end that was causing the slowness… for us, publishing time essentially doubled.

Hmm, this is an incremental edition?

Full publishing… Haven’t tried an incremental…

Yep, our incrementals went from ~20 mins for 1500 items to ~4 hours. Full publish took 27 hrs for ~11000 items. The last full publish with 7.0.3 was only ~6000 items but it only took about 1.5 hrs. Luckily for us we caught this in a staging environment so prod is still running 7.0.3