A few questions.

1.) If we make ad hoc team member assignments in the workflow, does the workflow remember who was assigned at each state if the item gets rejected or returned to an earlier state?

2.) Is there any way to see or run a report to determine a particular user’s workload?’

3.) Is there some way to see which individuals approved or rejected a content item if there are multiple approvers in a state?

4.) If there are 2 approvers in a state, is there a way for one approver to know when the other approver has approved or rejected the Content Item?

5.) After we generate a PDF of the Special Offer, can we link to a PDF file outside the system for collaboration rather than trying to collaborate within Percussion?

6.) Is there a way to calculate due dates on the fly within the workflow? For example, sometimes they have 30 days to get a Special Offer to the web while other times they have 14 days or even 5 days. (probably not – but I thought I would ask).

7.) Can we have the system generate the Job Order # automatically?

8.) Can we make a copy(s) of a Content Item and move to another folder(s) automatically?

CM System does not preserve this data.

You can create custom reports that will retrieve data from the Repository. See “Extending Lifecycle Reporting”, Chapter 13 in Customizing the Active Assembly Interface and Content Explorer.

Not out of the box. You could create a report on this data, as noted on your previous question.

Not out of the box. You could implement functionality like this using a Workflow Action.

You can create an external URL Content Item to link to remote location of the .pdf in published pages. But changes to the .pdf in that remote location would not be managed or tracked by CM System.

Your question is not very clear. Are you asking whether, when Transitioning a Content Item, you can populate a date field on that Content Item?

You don’t provide enouigh information to answer this question. Is the Job Order # a field on the Content Item? Or data in a different application? Or something else?

When you copy a Content Item, you can paste as a new copy to a different Folder. See “Pasting: Copies Versus Links” in the Content Explorer Help.