A new release of the Rhythmyx 6.5.2 documentation is available

The Documentation forum has been updated with the latest errata release of the Rhythmyx Version 6.5.2 documentation. The following fixes are included in this release:

• Page numbering has been modified. All front matter is now numbered using lower-case roman numerals; text is numbered sequentially from the end of the front matter using Arabic numerals. In other words, if the front matter ends on page viii the text begins on page 9.
• Corrected the supported versions of Safari and Apple Macintosh.

The following modifications were made to the Multi-Server Manager manual:
• Updated the deployment process when overwriting a source server with a clone of a target server.
• Corrected an incomplete cross-reference regarding the deployment order of packages.

The following modifications were made to the Rhythmyx Technical Reference Manual:
• Added documentation of the sys_ValidateUniqueName Field Validation extension.
• Revised the content on authentication, including a new topic, “Authentication Methods”.
• Corrected code examples of adding custom menu and toolbar actions to the Ephox EditLive! for Java DHTML text editor control.
• Corrected documentation of the Velocity macro codes to match definitions in the sys_assembly.vm macro file rather than the definitions in the Workbench.

Where is this “Rhythmyx 6.5.2 Documentation section”? I can’t find it here or in percussion.com

http://forum.percussion.com/showthread.php?t=173 is where the newest documentation is.

Thanks. The last post in that thread is a few months older than your latest announcement…I assume the doc there is old…

All the newest documents are there, they have been updated. The last release of doc. was done on 9/29/08. You see “Last edited by rljohnson; 09-29-2008 at 09:55 AM. Reason: Updated attached file” at the end of each post, that is when they were last uploaded/updated.