Ability to only see pages/assets that you have write/edit access to in the Finder

As the number of CM1 users increase in a given CM1 instance, it would be great to limit the finder permissions to only see pages and assets you have access to. If the organization is managing several sites and many pages underneath them, users (at least Contributors) may get confused of all pages they see in the Finder. Visibility settings can be based on users Read/Write permissions to folders and pages.

This is under consideration for an upcoming release

Any update on this? this would be HUGE for us and are upcoming 5,000 + users we will have.

This kind of goes hand in hand with another idea post:


being that this has been requested over a year ago, I would really like to see this get implemented…

our users are so non-technical, they get confused very easily and want to click on things they should not click on or used shared assets that are not theirs, etc, therefore enabling a folder permission to restrict the user from even seeing the asset, folder, etc in the finder would be a HUGE help.