Access Item based on its sys id


I need to be able to access the object based on its sys id - is it possible using the API?


If by “sys id” you mean the content id (which shows up in the “View Properties” window), then the answer is yes.

To explain how, I’ll need a little more info about which API you are using. Is this a JEXL function? a pre/post exit? a Web services program? something else?


I want to be able to get it from JEXL.

I suggest you read the “API Recommendations” document -

Section 1.3 shows how to make a GUID from a content id, and Chapter 3 shows how to retrieve a Node from a GUID. Combine these two steps in your JEXL function and you should be on the right track.

Could you tell us where you are getting the content id from? Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to store content ids in fields. If you use relationships instead, the server will take care of “fixing” the ids when you replace items, create new versions, etc. If you store the content id in a field, you are responsible for fixing the data when items get moved around.

My bad - I was trying to do it using binding variables.

Can we do it using binding variables?

My guess is probably not. There are no binding functions in the shipping product or the PSO Toolkit that return a Node based on the content id alone. It’s an easy one to write, but I don’t know of anybody who has needed to write one yet.

To answer the question definitively, I really need to know what you mean by “it”


We have regions and states in the system. Each region in the system has some states defined. The content contributor will bind x states from among a total of y states for region into a slot (of type relationship content finder) defined in the region template.

We have a State page UI where we want to be able to list the other states binded with the same region of the current state.

In this State page how can we get the other contents of the its parent (region)?

Sorry, but I still don’t understand this completely.

When you say “UI” are you talking about a page that is only visible to Content Contributors, or something published to the Web Site?

To find the Region from the State, you can probably use the PSOReverseSlotContentFinder (assuming this is in fact an assembled page and not some other kind of “UI”). This is part of the PSOToolkit, which you can obtain from support.

I’m also not clear on how this relates to your original question, but I’m not sure that’s important now.