Access to page-template slots from global-template?

I have a page (or more) with slots - slots which I would like to access from our global template during assembly. Is it possible to access those from the global template? Thanks!

That should be possible, have you tried simply calling the slot from the global template? I think the recursive rollup process starts from the small item templates and moves up to the global template.

I am doing something similar with a user velocity macro called from my global template. I have a macro that builds all of the html and head information and is included on all of my page templates. Whithin that marco I have some if statements to determine what content type is being assembled and will call different slots based on that. Here is some code from my user velocity macro where the erauFlashVideo slot is contained on the full page erauCenter content type:

#elseif($ == "rx:erauCenter")##
{title>#slot("rffNav" "" "#displayfield('rx:displaytitle'), " ", Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University" "" "template=erauSnNavRootName"){/title>

Yes! Thanks!