Access to the AWS virtual web server behind the scenes?

I am new to this CMS platform and wasn’t involved in setting it up originally. I’m wondering if I can get “backend access” to the actual AWS server that holds the file assets for my website. My license is for the CM1 Site Subscription. Is there a way to see the file system underneath the actual CMS, such as by using console access to the virtual server itself? I am wondering if it is possible to update assets on the website without actually using the Percussion CMS. Finally, are there any tools such as FTP to upload a file into the website, bypassing the CMS interface?


Hi Russ,

We can provide SFTP access to web_resources and rx_resources and can also provide SFTP access to the published web site in the cloud environment.

You would just need to email a request into and we can get the needed account(s) set up for you on the server.


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Thanks Nate. Are there any concerns with “corrupting” the CMS managed website if I overwrite an asset (like a PDF file) with an updated file using FTP?


The problem would be that the next time the Asset is published from the CMS the version that you manually uploaded would be overwritten with the version that the CMS has.


Good point. We would need to make sure that anything published from the CMS is also valid and up to date, until the next SFTP push overwrites the file again.

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