Accessing information in 'non-standard' NavTree slots

I was just wondering if anyone out there has slots in their NavTree that aren’t the standard navigation ones. We currently have one called ‘Banner’ which places default managed navigation links on every page, but will be overwritten if the local Navon has item’s in it’s own Banner slot.

I have created a new slot for the NavTree and am using the same code that already works, but changing the slot name to look at the new slot, but this doesn’t return any results even though the slot has items in it. If I change the new code back to pointing at ‘Banner’ then it will return these no problem.

I’ve included the template code I’m using below, but does anybody out there know what other steps need to be followed to make this work? Percussion originally set up the functionality that currently works for ‘Banner’ so I’m not sure exactly of the steps they did to make this work and whether I may have missed anything out.

#macro(outputBannerSlot $navon)
  #set($navonItem = $sys.assemblyItem.clone())

  #set($bannerSlotContents = $user.psoSlotTools.getSlotContents($navonItem,'Footer_Navigation',$sys.params))

  #if($bannerSlotContents.size() > 0)
	  #__slotsetup('Footer_Navigation' $params)
	  #set($sys.currentslot.relresults = $rx.asmhelper.assemble($navonItem,$sys.currentslot.slot,$sys.params))
      #foreach ($slotItem in $sys.currentslot.relresults)
        #if($velocityCount == 1) <li class="first">

	#set($slotPosition = $velocityCount - 1)
	#set($relresult = $sys.currentslot.relresults.get($slotPosition))
    	#set($snippetBody = "$rx.doc.extractBody($relresult)")
		<title>Footer Navigation Links</title>

Maybe they set your banner up with an auto-slot instead of a normal slot? If they did, you would have to create a JSR-170 query to select your content.