Action menu issue - duplicate sys_folderid parameters

In 6.7 I’ve created a new action menu under Menu Entries - User. This points to an update query resource in a new XML application I’ve made (another story).

The action menu successfully creates a new menu item when I right-click on a content item in the content explorer.

The action menu item has 4 parameters mapped:

folder_id : $sys_folderid
landingpage_id : $sys_contentid
slot_id : 510
variant_id : 1877

When I invoke the action menu, the url duplicates the sys_folderid parameter and doesn’t even show my folder_id parameter, like this:

http: // ****/Rhythmyx/lgrb_setLandingPage/setlanding.html?sys_contentid=19743&sys_folderid=19678&slot_id=510&refreshHint=none&variant_id=1877&sys_folderid=19678

I can’t see any particular reason why it would decide to do this. Removing the folder_id:$sys_folderid parameter simply removes both instances of the querystring parameter above.

Any ideas anyone?

Actually this isn’t a huge issue now since in the pre-exits in my XML application update query resource I can collapse the multi-valued sys_folderid parameter anyway. Same thing kindof happens with sys_contentid in that the parameter I specify isn’t sent in the url, rather sys_contentid=xxx is, but at least it isn’t duplicated.