Add an "Add Event" button and interface to the Calendar

I would like to see an interface added to the calendar that would streamline the process of adding events to it. Currently the proccess to add events to our calendar takes fifteen or sixteen steps and the person responisble for keeping it up to date estimates that it takes three or four times as long to add events in CM1 than it did in our old CMS which had an interface like the one I’m suggesting.

I would like to see a calendar where a user can click an “Add Event” button, type in an event title and summary, select the event date, and click “OK” and have the event added to the calendar. I also think it would be a good thing to be able to add an event to multiple calendars the way that you can now.

Hi Jacob,

I think this is a great idea. I envision it could be implemented similar to the Blogs gadget, where a simple, streamlined tool could be used to add and manage calendar items from the Dashboard. The gadget could automatically create and link up with pages in a specified directory, all using a specified template, and be assigned to one or more calendars. Thanks for sharing, Jacob!