Add more "Actions" to each Pages by Status Gadget list item

I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could add some more actions to each Pages By Status Gadget list item. Specifically adding “Submit” and “Approve” to items in Quick Edit mode would be SPECTACULAR. Thanks!

The ability to bulk approve pages on the Pages by Status gadget was delivered in 3.0.

When did 3.0 come out? I don’t remember getting an email about it. Can you share a link to info on 3.0 and a d/l link? Thanks!

You can always get the information about the latest release and download links at

ability to bulk publish via the page by status would be great too, for example if I make a change to a specific template, I want to be able to JUST publish all those pages that use that template all at once…Like if you were to filter by a template and by a status of Pending or Approved, one could then bulk publish just the results…

I may be wrong but I do not see “search” option anywhere. This is what I was thinking:

Just created a new Feature Request since I think this is “off topic” -