Add New "confusion"

One client brought up good point… On “Home” page in Percussion, they thought by clicking “Add New” will allow them to upload PDF file. There isn’t any option for it except image. I find this interesting. 

Is there a way you guys can add “bulk upload” in “Home” page? That will be soooooo easier. Please let us know. Thanks!

They liked “Home” page a lot more than “Dashboard” since it’s easy for them. 

As always thank you for submitting the question Aaron - we will take a look.

Hi Aaron,

The Widget Configuration gadget is what determines what users can see in the dialog you mentioned above. If you have the ‘File’ widget deselected from this gadget, it won’t show up as an option for users to upload with that tool. To upload a PDF, the File widget must be checked off in Widget Configuration.

Let me know if this makes sense or if you have more questions. If you’d like, we can also convert this post into an idea to mark it as a feature request for the bulk upload gadget on the Home screen.


I agree about re: bulk upload gadget on the Home screen.