Add option to set list view as default view in CM1 finder

I’m trying to do a lot of modification within a single folder and I need to see the details that the list view allows (status, modified, published, created, etc)

But when I double click to modify an item from the List view, CM1 reloads to the column view. (I assume most people are familiar enough with this view to know what it looks like - I can add an image if necessary)

Not a huge issue to click back each time, but I’m trying to modify lots of pages (and being distracted by other things happening around me) so the instant feedback of where I’ve left off is extremely helpful.

Simple answer is no. There is no “option” in the UI that is going to automatically keep the Finder in the List View. Every time when the finder is reloaded, it will switch to Column View (expected behavior).

This is a good feature request though.

I changed the topic and disposition of this to an Idea. I like the idea of being able to set the default view.