Adding action menu item to AA


Is there any way you can add an action menu item to the action menu in active assembly 6.6?

I’d like to add a “Publish Now” menu item for when users have finished amending their content but cannot find where.

Any clues?


No, there is no way to add an action menu in AA.

You can, however, add a “button” to the velocity template, and make it appear only when sys_context=0. We’ve done this several times. It’s not as good as a menu item would be, but it’s better than nothing.


“Publish now” is already in the AA Tools menu. If you can’t see it, edit the visibility rules for the Publish_now action.

Hi Paul

I did notice this. What’s the visibility rule that makes it appear in AA? I created a new Publish Now action menu but couldn’t get it to appear in AA.


The menu comes OOB, so you shouldn’t have to create one. Did you perform an upgrade? The rule that makes it appear in AA is the action’s name, so the name of the menu must be Publish_Now to be processed (the Usage settings are ignored.) The settings on the Visibility tab must be correct for the user currently opening the AA window. They control whether it is visible given the current user’s role(s), the item and so on.