Adding full link after an inline link

A user is asking if they could add the actual link path in parenthesis after creating an inline link dynamically similar to how the inline link is created. They are looking to have a span tag encompassing the same link that is generated by the inline link button. In his original message he was asking if it can be done in at the same time as the creation of the inline link. He does not want to go through the code mode of EditLive to add this piece of HTML.

I am going to attach the file of the screen shot he sent me in what he is exactly looking for.

I sent him the option that Scott mentioned of using the Inline Template, and he was not receptive of that option. Here was his exact response:

We use inline variant a lot. Inline variant will NOT allow us put any verbiage, highlight it and then create a link on the selected verbiage. In another word, inline variant can only use “title” or other field as the link text, it will NOT allow freely entered link text.

The ideal solution is we can customize the template that generates the inline link. I do NOT think inline variant would solve our issue

What he is looking to do is modify the JavaScript that generates the inline link. Since that is not an option, are there any other options for him that would suffice what he is looking for?