Adding Header to HTTP Response for Page Previews

We need to add a header to the http response that the CMS sends for page previews. The header is:

X-UA-Compatible: IE=edge,chrome=1

I’d add that header as a filter in the general web.xml file for JBoss, but it causes rendering problems in Context Explorer pages for IE 8/9/10 users. I can’t add the header as a filter to the AssemblyServlet in the web.xml file for the CMS application, since it’s a response header.

Has anyone done this before? Does Percussion have a best practice for this scenario?


Actually, I was able to add the filter to the web.xml file for the CMS application. I just had to get the right filter mapping.


Make sure you doc that config change somewhere. I am pretty sure that when we upgrade, and potentially during a patch, that we backup that web.xml and replace it with the latest version. So you’ll likely have to re-apply your filter whenever you upgrade or patch. I don’t know of a way to add a filter without changing the web.xml.