Adding help to edit forms

Would like an easy way to insert comments/help on edit forms, instead of just the field name - e.g. Title (use this to…)

Add a vote and we will vote for it!

We totally agree. I personally think this should be a standard feature and not require customisation to be able to do this.

If you need instructions on how to add this customisation, give me an email.

Vote added. We are aware that a customisation is possible but we haven’t had time to look into it. We need to achieve it as a natural part of creating an edit handler.

This was possible in 5.7 - has it changed in 6.52? If so, how do we apply the helpfile.html file to the content editors in 6.52? It was a very useful addition to Content Editors as each field had a help button which linked to the relevant section of the helpfile.html document.

I haven’t found a standard way of doing it. We had to customise the product and I am still going through tweaking it because it is not quite ‘right’.