Adding photo and anchors in Rich Text Widget not working

As I am adding content and such I have run into an odd occurrence that I believe is a bug.

I tried to add a photo at the beginning of a paragraph in the rich text widget but was unsuccessful. I placed the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph, clicked on the photo icon in the editor, clicked on the icon next to the first field, navigated to and selected the photo I wanted, clicked save, then insert and photo shows up in the content area. As soon as I click the save for the widget editor the photo disappears and the first word in the editor disappears as well. I have tried this a couple of times and if I place the photo in the middle of the content this doesn’t happen, but I need to place them in the beginning.

This also seems to happen when I place an anchor link there as well.

This is a known bug caused by an interaction with the 3rd party spell checker we’ve incorporated. This will be fixed in the upcoming 2.0 release. In the meantime, there’s a workaround you can try. Switch to the HTML source view and add a space between the closing img tag and the first word, then switch back to WYSIWYG mode and save. The key is to have a space between them (an won’t work).