We are working on setting up a blog and would like to add social sharing. Does anyone use AddThis? Is it complicated to set up on blog posts? 

Hi Lisa,

We use AddThis on our own blog post pages.
It really is super easy to implement too. A lot of our clients use this or ShareThis which are very similar.

Both AddThis and ShareThis offer a free version and a paid version. The only difference is that the paid version gives you more options of how you want to display the buttons.
We use the free version as do the majority of our other clients.
Once you set up a free account on their website, they have a wizard that walks you through choosing with social icons to show, how you want to display the buttons, and then they give you a line of script code to add to the head of your template! And, if you choose buttons that get put into the page somewhere rather than just hanging on the right or left side of the browser, they will give you code to paste into your template into an HTML widget wherever you want those buttons to show up.

Here’s one of our blog pages to show how we use AddThis - we use the left sidebar display which AddThis says gets more visibility than embed buttons.