Adjusting the Resubmit button to keep pages in review status.


Currently in CM1 Resubmitting a page rejects the page back into draft. This seems a little misleading, when you resubmit a page you are not actually Resubmitting the page your rejecting it.To resubmit a page for review you must “resubmit” the page BACK to “draft” then open the page for editing again, then “Submit” the page forward for review.

When a user Resubmits a page, CM1 should keep that page in the review step instead of moving back into draft.

Yes. At the very least, change the name of the action from “Resubmit” to something more inline with what is taking place, like “Reject” or “Redraft”, so that the user understands that they need to still take further action to submit the page for approval again. I have several pages on our site that are in draft state. The contributors think the page is being reviewed because they hit ‘resubmit’ and the approvers see the page as still being worked on since it’s in draft or they never see it at all because no e-mail is generated to them on drafts.

This isn’t just a good idea, it’s a current bug.

Any word on whether or not this is planned? It comes up constantly with our users.

I was just about to ask about this, and I would REALLY like to see it implemented. My users have already gone through the trouble of learning a new CMS; telling them that they have to submit everything twice (because why should they need to know the difference between submitting and resubmitting? seriously?) is really just not gonna help convince anyone that this move was a positive one.

This continues to be an issue with several of our contributors. I would appreciate a response from Percussion as to whether they acknowledge this is an issue and whether or not it’s something that will be addressed in a future release.
If is has already been addressed, I apologize. We’re currently on 4.5 and I did not see any mention of this problem in the 5.1 release notes.

Everyone makes a valid point, and I do see how this could be a bit confusing.

I have went ahead and created an enhancement request for Product Management to review/prioritize. The request is under CMS-1347.

If any of you wish to track it, and add more input to it, please create a support ticket referencing it, and we can follow up that way regarding the status/prioritization.


I like “Check Out” and then the Resubmit renamed to:  “Check In”.  This is what I explain is happening to my users.  (Quick Edit is the page checked out and Resubmit is checking it back in > w/o forcing you to submit to publish each time.)

I suggest they “Resubmit” to check the page back in, and use this pause prior to submitting to do a review of their work. Then, Submit, once they have checked their work and are sure everything is good to go. I think it puts a nice stop in place, so they can confirm everything looks good before they submit and I publish.