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I have a simple workflow in which there is an aging transition called “Age to Public” transition for the state pending. Now, since this is an aging transition, it should take the content from Pending state to the Public state as soon as the startdate/time is reached. But the content does not seem to be going to the Public state. It remains in the Pending state itself. The value of the “Workflow Action” in my ‘Age to Public’ transition is ‘sys_TouchParentItems’. Should it be ‘none’? Even if I change it to none, the aging to public does not seem to be happening.

Please suggest something.

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Have you set the Aging Type field?

The screenshot in the attached PDF shows how we have set up our Aging transition, which works as expected.


Hello cara-m,

Thanks a lot for the reply. Please find the attached screen shot of my ‘aging transition’ fields. I noticed that the content does not get published at the exact timing but after about 5 minutes of the set timing. Can you please tell me if there is something that needs to be changed in what I have in my fields for the ‘Aging Transition’?

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Ah! I know exactly what is happening… :slight_smile:

When the item is in Pending, the Rhythmyx server polls the Pending state every 10 minutes looking for items that are ready to move to Public.

If you set your Start Date to 09.15, and your server polls every 10 minutes from, for example, 09.01, it will be 09.21 before the item is picked up and transitioned. I always advise users to allow 10 minutes ‘waiting time’ for the server to pick up and transition the item.

I’m not sure if you can change how often the server checks the Pending state for new items to transition, but, the item will sit in Public until the next scheduled publish in any case.

You can tell from your console.log file exactly when your server polls for new content to transition, but I suggest to our users that the item can sit in Pending until about 15 minutes before the next scheduled publish… just because it is in the Public state does not mean it will immediately appear on your site… the system needs the Publish to actually make your content live.

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The content is published next time the publisher runs, which may not happen immediately after the aging transition. The publisher runs on the schedule you define for it. It is independent of the Workflow.

Factors outside of the Workflow may keep the Content Item from Transitioning to Public. In particular if the Content Item has any Mandatory Relationships and the associated Content Items in those Relationships are not Public or Pending, the Transition may not be allowed.

This Workflow Action “dirties” the parent Content Items to ensure that they will be republished as well, ensuring that their links will be updated. Adding it to Transition from Pending to Public is a good practice to ensure that links are up to date. It does not prevent a Content Item from making the Transition or from being published.


Hi cara-m/rljohnson,

Thanks a lot for replying! That pretty much explains a lot!

Do you mind addressing a couple other questions:

  1. Any content that is public is published to the site once the automated cron runs. Is there a way that the content does not have to wait until the scheduled cron time and gets published to the site as soon as becomes ‘public’? Can it be done through some kind of workflow which has a state called ‘Publish’ after ‘Public’ in which the content will get Published to the site?

  2. Currently, we can just have the roles that transition a content from one state to another. Can we have a community instead of a role that can transition a content from one state to another?

  3. Does the content get published only according to the CMS server timing or can it publish according to the user’s local timing as well?

  4. Everytime I post something, I have to regularly check the site if there is any reply to post in this user forum or not. Can I set an alert so that everytime someone replies to my post I get an email and can check the forum? :slight_smile: I am just new to this forum.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

This functionality is not available out of the box, but I’m sure Percussion Technical Services would be willing to discuss implementing it for you. I wouldn’t be surprised, for that matter, if a previous customer had asked for similar functionality.

As I responded elsewhere, this is not supported.

The publishing schedule runs based on the time of the publishing server.

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Hi rljohnson,

Thanks a ton for replying to everything! I will be using this forum extensively since my using Percussion tool all the time for my project. :slight_smile:

Also, you mentioned that the technical services can help more, is there any email ID for them or how can I reach them within this forum.

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Send an e-mail to Jason Macauley, TSO practice manager (