Allow for multiple items to be added to a region like using slots in CM System

In CM System, the slot works great. if we have a carosel and create a brief for each carosuel ietm, we can add it to the slot and move it up and down. Depending on where it ends up in the slot, the number gets prinited to the screen a snumber x of x. In CM1, the regions don’t have this flexibility and we have to add the carosels as an html widget, requiring authors to work with html text (potential for errors). CM1 definetely needs the slot feature.

We have built rotating banners/carousels using the Image Auto-List and Page Auto-List widgets in CM1, allowing control of the items based on the folder they sit in with relation to the criteria specified in the widget control. You can also add multiple widgets into a single region, and you can rearrange the widgets within the region according to how you would like the listed. You could always use this approach for your carousel, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Each widget has the optional “root class” that can be supplied on the Style tab. This “root class” wraps the content of the widget and would provide an optional point for a jQuery selector to grab content to build the carousel.