Allow for security permissions to be applied to Percussion 'system' folders

I noticed the “uploads” folder does not have “Assets in this folder are available to:” option inside it. This will be super useful to keep it separate from the main site.

We have two site total but they are not related to each other. Let me know if I should add “bug” or “idea” in community.

If I’m not too clear on this, just please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Arron,

I’m not to sure what your question is?

Are you wondering how you can limit your asset library to a group of users? like with workflow how you can assign a particular section of your site to a group of users?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The “Security” section is useful but I realized it only will appear for “custom” folder, not Percussion folder. Like I said, it would be useful to have “Security” section for every folder to keep it separate. Here’s attached

This sounds more like an Idea! I will convert this post for you.

Awesome and thanks!!