ALT tag isn't updated

I am not sure whether it’s a bug or feature request… I’ll explain:

First, I upload a new image via Bulk Upload then head over to /Assets/… to edit that image by updating “Aaron Hall is awesome” to both Title text and Alt text fields.

Then in HTML widget, I added the image, the data-perc-linkid is added automatically after the save but the ALT tag is blank: <img src="/Assets/sf/zoo/images/api-logo.png" alt="" data-perc-linkid="25804" data-perc-managed="true" class="" />

I would assumed that ALT tag will be filled automatically after I hit Save button, just like data-perc-linkid is added automatically?

Again, I am not sure if this is a bug or feature request. I hope I make sense. Thanks!

Hi Aaron,

This is a bug. It has been fixed and will be included in the 5.4 release.


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Perfect! Thanks!

So… when is 5.4 coming out? I was told end of summer 2018 :wink: LOL

Yes, the 5.4 date has moved around a bit. We opted for more patch updates for the 5.3.15 release and extended 5.4 to the end of Q1 this year, so it is getting close.