Alt Text with Inline Image

Hey there,

I’ve created a new content type duplicated from rffImage where img_alt is a required field. However, when an inline image is placed into an EditLive box the alt text from when the image is placed into the system is ignored when previewed or published. I also tested this using rffImage with the same results.

Is there a way to force the inline image to use the required alt text information for the content type?

Thanks much.

Yes that would be great wouldn’t it? We are at 6.5 and apparently this wasn’t possible, so our consultant/PSO told us to use differing image slots (for the various image sizes that we wanted uploaded) and templates for each one (as it was calling different fields for the different sizes) and then we needed templates for the differing alignments to (left, right, center)…

I would be nice if a future version of RX fixed this…although it is probably too late for us…

I think there may be a workaround…

Instead of adding the image as an Inline Image, try adding an image snippet as an Inline variant (make sure you add the desired image variants as allowed content) and remove the Inline Image button from Ephox to prevent users from adding images this way.

But it is something that should be fixed in the next point release as missing Alt text is an accessibility issue and this is a common Rx problem.

I meant to respond to this thread earlier, but somehow it got away from me.

This is working as it’s supposed to. If you want “Automatic” population of the Alt Text, then use an Inline Template, if you want “Manual” control of the Alt Text, use an Inline Link and double click on the image to add the alt text.

If you don’t trust your users to add Alt text, don’t let them use inline link, make them use Inline Templates. You control this in the EditLive control configuration.


I notice the same thing. When we insert an inline image, we can add a title to the image, why can’t we add the alt at the same time ?
I suggest to correct that in a futur version. We are trying to keep are site accessible but it’s not easy without that feature.


Is there’s a way to put the Link Title required for the inline image ?


The alt attribute is the correct way to specify text to be used for accessibility. The possible ways to enter or generate this value have already been enumerated in the previous posts on this thread. The inline variant approach described previously can be used along with a required field in the content type to ensure an alt value is set.

The title attribute of an img tag is really not recommened to be used for accessibility, that’s what the alt attribute is for. Do you really need to require a value be set for the title attribute?

When I add an Inline image, is there’s a way to force the alt in the img tag ? Or if it is not possible is there’s a way of adding a template without the tag div ?
Because if I only use the Inline Variant for the images, I can not include an image inside a sentence, I only can do that with an Inline Image. What we want is always have the field “alt” populate (it’s a require field of the Content Type).
Does someone have a solution ?



If you use this method i.e. insert images as inline templates, how do users then make that image a link?

Because an inline variant is a template, you can do anything you want with it. For ideas, see the Fast Forward S-Title Link or S-Title Link and More snippets.

ok but how can end users control the link? and potenitally use the same image for diffferent links on different pages?