Anchor link opening in new page

In the new Rich Text widget, I added anchor tags to jump to separate sections of the page. When one was clicked it opened a new window. I have set the target to “_self” and still same result. I moved the links to a different Rich Text widget and got them to work. Not sure why that makes any difference.

I added a Return to Top of page link and I am back to having new windows open when that link is clicked. I placed the anchor in a separate Rich Text widget and still get extra windows.

Also, why aren’t all Anchors on a page available in the Anchor drop down on the insert link function between Rich Text widgets?…

Suggestions welcome.

Hi Jerome,

It appears that in the link that you sent us all your anchor tags targets are set to “_blank”
Try removing the target attributes from the anchor tags by highlighting the anchor linked text, click the insert/edit link button and setting the target to “None” in the target drop down.

Also, “_self” is not a valid target attribute.

Anchor links will not appear if they are on the same page. They will only appear in the anchor drop down if they are in the same Rich text widget. In order to link to an anchor not with in the same Rich text widget you have to manually link the text via the source code.

You can submit to have anchors of the same page appear in any rich text widgets anchor drop down as an idea if this is a feature you would like to have.

Please send us a link to any other pages you are having the same issues with.