another msm error

hi all

i have packaged up a folder and folder content. when creating the archive, i get a screen where i need to identify id types of server objects with literal ids. all these relate to id 774 which i set as variant definition.

the package creates successfully.

when i come to instal the package - variant definition 774 is correctly mapped to the variant on the target server. there are no warnings or errors on the dependencies screen. so i click finish to install the package and i get the following error:

Cannot locate an ID mapping for dependency of type “sys_undefined” with ID 774 from source repository.

when i go back to edit the archive using the descriptor, the 774 items i marked as variant definition when creating the package have disappeared.

does anyone know where my 774 dependency is being missed or why the create package option does not maintain the variant definition marker i set for these ids.