Another question about ephox and inline variants

we have a template with the following code in it…

<!-- begin XSL -->
    <xsl:when test="//cu_bold">
       <strong><xsl:call-template name="display_link"/></strong>
      <xsl:call-template name="display_link"/>
<!-- end XSL -->

when a shared snippet is inserted into an ephox editor with the cu_bold parameter set (so the strong option is selected in

the above choose statement) the following is produced when the content editor is saved/updated …

      <div class="rx_ephox_inlinevariant" style=" display: inline;" contenteditable="false">


e=0&sys_contentid=50280&sys_variantid=470&sys_folderid=49755&sys_context=0" contenteditable="false" 

unselectable="on">*ms case study test</a></strong>

The site id does not get inserted and so the link takes you to a page with no stylesheets applied. The display_link template

which is called merely constructs the anchor which works fine.

If the same snippet is inserted into a slot it behaves as expected …



type=0&sys_contentid=50280&sys_variantid=470&sys_command=&sys_folderid=49755&sys_context=0">*ms case 

study test</a></strong>

If we use a bold tag instead of strong then it again works as expected (but we changed to strong for reasons of


Any idea what ephox and rhythmyx are doing to cause the site id to be dropped?