Anyone integrating Rhythmyx with an Online Video Platform (e.g. Brightcove)?

We (MathWorks) is in the process of doing a vendor evaluation for an OVP (currently evaluating Brightcove) and we are looking to speak with other Percussion customers who currently integrate with Brightcove. We are currently on Rhythmyx 6.5.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nancy,
Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you received any replies to your post regarding the online video platform. Did you guys come up with a solution? I’m in the process of trying to plan for a new design and we’re looking at implementing some video so I’m trying to figure out the best solution.

Sorry, I’ve only just seen this. Our site is built in Rhythmyx, but we use a streaming provider to host and deliver the actual media. In effect, therefore, Rhythmyx provides a listings site.

The content for the site is built in the streaming provider’s production system and imported into Rhythmyx (saves duplicate entering of meta-data). We can still apply our security model, which is managed mostly in our ColdFusion/Rhythmyx environment, to control access to the media.

Hope this helps.