Anyone using a Shopping Cart?

Good day folks,

We are currently running Rhythmyx 5.7 and will soon be upgrading to 6.5.2 running on Linux/Oracle 10g.

Our business wants to incorporate shopping cart functionality. We want to be able to create an Admin console that our business can use to edit the shopping cart items. We currently have this built in a SQL database and it’s tied into our old JAVA framework, but we’ll be starting from scratch going forward. Our preference is to find an off-the-shelf shopping cart and integrate into Rhythmyx 6.5.2.

Can anyone recommend an off-the-shelf shopping cart that they are using with Rhythmyx?

Thank you for your time and help in replying.

Joe Zaouk
Zenith Insurance
Rhythmyx v. 5.7 converting to v. 6.5.2