API to Delete

I was looking for API to delete a content item for which I have the content id.

Is there any API which simply takes the content id/ guid and simply deletes the content item from the repository?


The function you want is IPSContentWs.deleteItems()

This function takes a List of GUIDs, and the items are permanently removed (purged) from the database.

Thanks a lot Dave

I made a list of all the GUIDs that I wanted to delete.
When I invoked the API to delete, I get the following WARN message:

15:14:08,289 WARN [PSItemDefManager] Failed to get the content type for locator
Setting the icon path to null.

I believe the items were deleted, as when I did a refresh on the content explorer window, the deleted item disappeared.

Do I need to be concerned of the above message, or is there anything you would recommend to take care of the message.


Without knowing more about what item 771 is (or was, assuming it’s gone now), I cannot tell if this is a serious problem or not.

Do you know if it was an item or a folder? If an item, which content type? This could be a simple as you have a content type for which you did not define an icon.


It was a content item NOT a folder. Also it was a custom content type that we created. It only had few fields of sys_EditBox type.

Does that content type have an icon ?

If not, add one, and the error should go away.