API to find current state of a content item

Is there any API I can leverage to find the current state of a content item using its GUID?

I wanted to find out if the item is in DRAFT or QuickEDIT or Public or any other state.


You can load the workflows from the System Web Service (which is also available in Java).

Look at the PSOWorkflowInfoFinder in the PSOToolkit. It provides wrappers for this service that makes it easier to use. There is no method that takes a GUID, just the content id, which is easy to obtain from the GUID.


Thanks Daveā€¦

Is there anyway to get one previous state of the content item?

Yes. You have to use the System Web Service (IPSSystemWs) and call the loadAuditTrails() method. The last entry in the audit trail should point to the previous state.