Are the Known/Product Defects forums working?

The Product Defects forum is currently empty, and the Known Defects forum only goes back to RX numbers in the 14,000+ range (most of the ones we are waiting for fixes for are in the 12,000s or 13,000s.)



We are only publishing known issues and fixes that are reported against version 6.6 or higher. This is when we got the mechanism in place to publish this information. In most cases, the defect also existed in version 6.52, however, we will not be going back through older defects.

This wasn’t made clear in the posting. That will be corrected.

btw…We are having issues with the RSS feed for the forums, but will have it back up and running as soon as possible.

Do you plan to set up another forum for known 6.5.2 issues?

This forum is designed to feed version 6.6 and beyond. If a issue has been identified to exist in both 6.6 and 6.52, it will be noted as such. However, we have no plans to go back and re-do version 6.52.

I understand that you’d have “no plans to go back and re-do” an old version of a piece of software. But not listing known issues for it would imply you are not going to issue fixes for bug in 6.5.2, or only do so if the fix also addresses a bug in 6.6 too - is that the case?

That is not the case.

We now have a new process to identify issues as they are reviewed. So any new reports will be included.

We started this process as part of the 6.6 release. Thus any defects reviewed before this process was put into place will not appear in the forum.