Assembly Table Editor on Image conten type

How can I have Assembly Table Editor option available from right click on an Image content type to add a slot?

I have a thumbnail image and associated slot with it which is a link to a larger version of the same image. I have an option of Active Assembly for Documents where I can select the slot and associate thumbnail with the larger image however I would like to have Active Assembly Table Editor option for that. Is this possible and if so how?


Do you have 2 different content items for the “big” and “small” images, or are they different fields on the same content item?

I believe that, by default, the rffImage content type is in the “Hide” list, for the “Content Types” visibility context, in the Visibility tab, of the aa_table_editor menu item, in UI Elements Design > Content Explorer > Menu Entries > User, in Rhythmyx 6.5.2. If so, you need to move it to the “Show” list


Ah, thanks so much it was hidden.