assets have disappeared from publish server

This morning, after no action by me or our IT department, several folders’ worth of assets have disappeared from our publish server. They still exist in CM1 exactly where they’re supposed to be, but when I checked the live server there was nothing there.

It now appears I’m going to have to manually re-publish each one of these assets. Is there any known problem that could have caused this? I’d really like to avoid it ever happening again, is why I ask.

Hello Brian,

Do you know if a Full Publish was recently run, or in the process of running, when you saw these Assets missing from your live website?

To resolve this issue for now, check the STATUS of these Assets that are missing but in CM; if they are “Live” a Full Publish should update them - although it might be helpful to test publishing a few of them individually to see if there are any errors.

As for a cause for issue, CM1 will only remove Assets if they are deleted or archived.  There have been some cases where users have experienced a problem with CM1 removing Assets during a Full Publish, but the Assets return when the Full Publish completes.

If you would like us to investigate this further please let us know - we can create a Support ticket to get more details on your installation.

Thank you,

There wasn’t a full publish happening when the problem occurred. I’m running  a full publish now; I’ll let you know if it solves the problem.

The full publish seems to have restored the files. Sorry, guess I should have tried that sooner.