assets not editable

I have a custom accordion asset that I use on several pages. Lately when I try to edit one, I get this message (Screen Shot 1)

If I click Override, I get this error message:

I am an admin, so my privileges aren’t the problem. Any idea what’s going on here? It’s worth mentioning that there’s no user in our system named ".

Hello Brian,

This error usually means something happened when either an asset or page was saved and some information in Percussion did not get updated correctly.

We will open a support ticket for this issue and get some details about your installation.



I ran into this problem this morning. I was able to resolve it by saving and closing the corresponding custom widget in the widget builder and then restarting the percussion service on my development server.

In my case, the issue occurred after editing the custom widget that the shared asset was using.

I’ve run into this exact issue, and have not been able to solve it using Jeff’s method. Thanks!

Hello Joe,

If you are still having issues with this I suggest contacting us here in Support and opening a ticket.  If you can

  1. include the exact error message, and
  2. include your server logs from Percussion: